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Megalithic Sampler

The two figures in our background are copies of petroglyphs from a Megalithic cave dwelling at Savassona, some thirty miles from this spot. I've placed one on top of Puig Rodo del Corb looking at the other on top of Mare de Deu del Munt, along parallel lines of San Miquel churches. Puig Rodo is above the hermitage of San Miquel del Corb. Halfway up from the hermitage to the top of Puig Rodo is a "door" in the mountain, quite imposing even from miles away. The door is half again as tall as the church. From up close it's apparently a natural rock formation.

In front of us we have some of the volcanoes of Olot. At the foot of el Corb mountain the road follows the same path as a Roman road.

Looking to the right from the door a straight line leads over the "Devil Stone" menhir, 2.2 geomancer's miles away, to Serinya's caves, 5 geomancer's miles away, where archaeological digs have uncovered evidence of habitation over long periods starting around 200,000 years ago (preneanderthals - Homo heidelbergensis) thru 39,000 to 7,000 years ago(modern Homo sapiens). Many menhirs were probably replaced with the Christian version - pedrons - roadside stone constructions containing statues of Saint Michael.

Looking in the same direction, four San Miquel hermitages follow almost the same line as the Megalithic one I've described.The mental space that opens up at these hilly heights can be seen in this poem by Joan Alcover.

View of San Miquel del Corb looking toward San Miquel de Campmajor, and, behind it, Serinya.    

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