Eduardus me facet...cum auxilia

Ley Lines of CatalunyaThe lines that join the millennia.
Lyte Lowys and the Pol Hors - Geoffrey Chaucer's "Treatise on the Astrolabe", 21st century version
A World, A Part - mythical miniatures by Angèle Tuohy
Tastaolletes - a selection of Catalan poetry
Yarrow Sticks - an animated reading of the I Ching (this is in French. at the end of the introduction, click on "accueil" and try the small flower version of the "tiges d'achillées").
PaTOOM - La Patum, an 800 year old festival in Northeastern Spain

Flash animation/sketches:

Setcases - minute history of a town
afewords - haiku, briefs, condensed thoughts
Lighthouse - proposal for a home page of an ISP
Pyramid Dance - pyramid magic square dance for I Ching
Snail Triangle - growth in reverse

Guest Spotlight !!! Neus Pedrals presents - Mar i Vent and Parella Caminant

The following animations are being reworked, and will reappear in the near future:
Silverquick - returning with a new function
Equus - all things being equus, when we work we go with the flow

Contact:Edward, Angèle