The Milky Way
Photo of the Milky Way taken by Dan Duriscoe, Night Sky Team Technical Leader of the U.S.National Park Service. Used with permission. For details and a high quality download see here

The Horse's Tale

Everything we come to know
At one time in our lives
Was secret to us once, altho
It danced before our eyes.
Nobody had to keep it,
And, what's more, nobody could.
The woods are made of trees that,
Naturally, are made of wood.
And secrets, well, they're made of stuff
That someone doesn't know.
And while the sun draws water up,
Earth pulls it back below.
We draw well water to the seas
Inside our little cell-ves.
What matter if by ten cc's
Or ounces, quarts or twelves?
Yet most of matter's joined in pairs
And threes and fours it seems.
We're made of cosmic stardust
From beyond our wildest dreams.
And so the white horse spins a yarn
Far longer than her tail.
Attempts to get her in the barn
Are always doomed to fail.

- E. Tuohy